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Remember that thing you were supposed to do? something about paperwork and files... Don't worry We got it. Check out our list of services.

Strategic Planning... A Business Necessity

Strategic planning is a plan that outlines the course of action a business will pursue after it decides what direction the business will move in the future.

The Journey

Imagine if you will, you are out in the middle of the ocean in a ship that you own and captain.

Accounting Blog

View My tips blog for great ideas and strategies on accounting, organizations, and general business planning.

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In a tight economy, the same amount of work has to be completed on a smaller budget. I offer a practical solution to the small business owner that has a business to run but is continually bogged down by the administration details. From accounting and payroll to employee training and manuals, from marketing designs and mystery shopping, from strategic planning to better management practices, I help business owners take the big picture and break it down into smaller, easier to accomplish steps. Practical Solutions because practical matters!