Quality Must Not Only Exist, It Must Be Perceived By The Customer

One error we as business owners make is assuming that what we like, what we want, and
what we recommend is exactly what others will like, want, and recommend. This simply is
not the case and assuming such can be a costly mistake to the detriment of your business.
As the title states, how the CUSTOMER perceives the quality of your product and service
will determine whether they will be back or not. It also determines whether they will
recommend your business to family and friends or whether they will discourage others
from buying your products or services.
Ok, so you recognize the need to look at your business from a different perspective, that
of your customer. What are some ways you can do this? How do you gather the essential
information that will get your business on the Circle to Success?
You must, in a sense, become a detective and search for clues.
Client Surveys
Go to the source of the best information…your customer. Who better to ask?
Prepare client surveys asking questions that are short and to the point about
their experience using your product or service. Questions that they can answer quickly
are best as you will have a higher percentage of people who actually fill out the survey.
Ask for their praise and their criticism. How can you provide a better quality of products
and services if you don’t know what the strengths and weaknesses of your products and
services are as perceived by the customer?
Mystery Shoppers
A Mystery Shopper goes into your business armed with a list
of items that you want them to check and grade. How do
your employees treat your customers? Is your establishment
cleaned to your specifications? Is the environment inviting?
Are the prices clearly posted and easy to understand? Are customers charged the correct
prices? Do the employees know the answers to questions pertaining to the business
or product? For Mystery Shopping to be successful in the hunt for clues, it is imperative
that you know what is perceived as quality by your customers. Also helpful is
having clear expectations in mind regarding your customer service and the environment
of your establishment.
Industrial Espionage
How does your business compare to other like businesses in price, environment, and service?
Who is your competition and what do they do better? Worse? What can you learn
from your competition? What are your strengths and weaknesses and how do they compare
to your competition? These are just a few things that you should find out. Having
a Mystery Shopper shop your competition provides invaluable clues .
Don’t know where or how to start? Practical Solutions can help you search out the clues
that will tell you what your customers perceive as quality. You don’t need to search
alone. Call (360) 224-0097 or email me at cynthia@practicalsolutionsmatter.com

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